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Thanks for visiting the official website of Painter Pros in Athens, GA. From humble beginnings to now being recognized as one of the best professional painting companies in the area, we offer services for homes and businesses needing a fresh look that lasts.

We understand that nothing injects life into any building like new paint. Our goal is to meet the needs of every customer, meeting deadlines and fitting into busy schedules. The painting process should be treated with ultimate care every single time to get professional results. Reviews from past customers speak for themselves as we attempt to go above and beyond expectations every single time.

man painting a house

About Us

Athens, GA is a unique, evolving area that continues to grow year after year. We have witnessed the growth since opening up in the area, and we have always taken pride in being a real part of the community as it reaches new highs. Many customers we work with have long ties to the area, or a connection in some way to the University of Georgia.

We understand that no two painting projects are precisely the same. Instead of offering set solutions, we feel it is better to work off of consultations before giving true estimates. This ensures that the customer do not spend extra money, and we can provide an accurate time and money estimate for realistic expectations.

Need just a bedroom or living room painted? There’s no reason to spend more and purchase a larger package from competitors. From simple solutions to full interior or exterior painting projects, we offer it all.

At any time, we encourage people to email or call us to set up that initial consultation and estimate. In almost all cases, we can get the ball rolling in a matter of days. We offer many different services, but there are four broad categories most fall into.

Exterior Painting

Taking on a full exterior painting project is a big task, and an important one as well. We believe in taking the time not only to meet expectations, but exceed them. There are very few changes to a home a person can make that improves the first impression like quality exterior paint.

The paint and application process we use is perfect for the unique weather in the Athens area. This ensures that the work we do will last for a long time, and make people feel as though they made the right decision overall.

painting house exterior

We want every customer to feel 100% satisfied with every new exterior painting project. We take the time to get things right for an individual so that the initial plans turn into a reality. While we offer suggestions for any painting project, it is ultimately up to the customer to choose what they want.

Exterior painting goes beyond changing the main color and making broad improvements. Details finish off everything, turning a good job into a great job. We offer painting services that cover anything from window treatment to poles and railings outside. There are many different ways to go with accent colors, bringing new life to how the home or business looks after the fact.

If only detail work is needed, we provide that service as well. Maybe a door needs to be painted to contrast with the rest of the home. Maybe new window shutters need a fresh coat of paint to stand out a bit more. Many only think of exterior painting work as re-doing the entire home, but the details are just as important to us.

Interior Painting

The look of the exterior of a home or business is important, but so is looking good indoors. Not only is this where most spend the vast majority of their time, but visitors will be stepping inside as well at some point.

There is a bit more flexibility in everything offered for interior painting, as there isn’t a concern regarding outside elements. This means different paints are available, different colors will not show age quickly, and there is a chance to take more risks.

Many people end up hiring us at Painter Pros because of what we offer with full packages. When painting the entire interior, we tackle each room individually to bring it to life. There could be several different colors used in a home or business, just depending on how many rooms and sections are around.

On top of the full packages, we also offer a bit more itemized work depending on what is needed. Each room needs specific attention to make it stand out, but also blend in to connect the entire home.

painting a living room

The Living Room

A pretty standard living room tends to be neutral in color, allowing for furniture and wall art to steal the show. After applying a unique color, it can be distracting from everything else in the room. It also limits what can and can't fit on the walls naturally.


Depending on who the bedroom belongs to, there are many different color choices to pick. This is one part of the home that can go with darker shades because it is not a hangout spot for visitors.

The Dining Room

Most people will offer to stay with a neutral color in the dining room that is appetizing. Anything too crazy can distract from enjoying food and keeping things very inviting.

The Kitchen

There is some flexibility in kitchens with colors, but lighter colors are usually preferred. Going too dark in a kitchen makes it appear not all that welcoming. A lighter-colored kitchen highlights cleanliness.

House painting

A home that has a fresh coat of paint simply stands out from the pack. Not only is that initial result great, but maximizing the length of things looking fresh is also essential. We strive to use a combination of outstanding materials and our skill working in the industry for so long to leave lasting results with any homeowner.

painter supplies

Applying new paint to a home might seem simple enough, but any company that doesn’t take the time to prep beforehand is missing a crucial step. Whether it be brand new construction, or a century-old home, preparing surfaces for paint is essential. It needs to be applied evenly to look its best, and anything that could cause early aging or discoloration also needs to be removed.

There is no project too big or too small when it comes to house painting. We have taken on projects as small as painting railings or a closet. On the other end, we have people all the time in need of exterior and interior painting for the entire home. A package like this helps people save money, but it takes a longer amount of time to complete.

We work directly with each customer to give accurate estimates on how long projects will take. We understand it’s a trying time to function as normal when major painting jobs are taking place at a place of residence, so we work efficiently to be in and out. We also know that at times, plans can change on the fly.

Bathroom painter

With just a few light, neutral colors and a small surface area, many are under the false impression that painting a bathroom is very easy. However, it’s considered one of the toughest rooms in any home or business to handle. Why should painting a bathroom be left to the pros?

There are a few reasons why bathrooms are challenging. For starters, there are only specific types of paint that work best in a small room that deals with significant humidity at certain times during the day. Using the right paint and application process is essential for long-lasting results.

There’s also the problem of working around different items in the bathroom. Some need temporarily moved for full painting coverage, while others can be painted around. If not done correctly, the bathroom will always look slightly unfinished.

Finally, there is that attention to detail that we take such pride in with bathrooms. In a small room, minor imperfections stand out like a sore thumb. It might not seem like much initially, but our focus on getting the trim right, adding accent colors, painting straight edges, and more usually pay off.

Bathroom painting projects are possible by themselves, or as part of bigger projects. Reach out to us to talk about everything that needs new paint to work out the best possible deal.

House Painters Quote

"After years of putting things off, I finally decided that it was time to have my house completely redone. After doing a local search, I found great reviews on Painter Pros. They lived up to expectations, setting up a consultation the very next business day. From there, we all worked together to change the way my home looked in a hurry."
- Alexandra W.
"Before selling my home, I knew that there were some areas of the home that needed new paint. I wanted to make sure that the home looked ready to move in right away, so Painter Pros helped me prep in a hurry. They exceeded expectations, helping make the listing look so much better. The investment paid for itself, and then some."
- Ronald Z.
"Professional in every way. Anyone in need of painting services in the area should count on Painter Pros. They were able to put together a customized plan that saved me money, fit into my time frame, and left me with a business that looks brand new in a 20-year-old building."
- Todd W.


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