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Bathroom Painter

It might not seem like a huge challenge, but painting a bathroom is trickier than most realize. It’s possible to pull it off without a professional, but most people who use us at Painter Pros greatly appreciate what we had to offer. With a focus on using quality materials, nailing all the details, and providing quality that lasts, a bathroom can start looking better than ever before in a short amount of time.

teal painted bathroom

Bathroom projects don’t take particularly long, but they must be done right to avoid hiring someone else to fix things up. We know exactly what it takes, bringing years of experience to the mix. From initial planning to covering every corner, our services are just a little different.

Setting the mood

A perfect paint job in a bathroom starts with picking the right colors to make everything look great. Most lean towards choosing a soft color scheme to make the room look very welcoming and clean. Anything too dark or fluorescent is not going to look right in the slightest.

Using multiple colors can add different dimensions to the bathroom as well. The primary color should be in the middle of the other colors used, with lighter colors reserved for the trim and molding around the room. Use the darker colors to add a little bit of dimension to the bathroom.

The final choice is always up to the customer, but Painters Athens GA provides great suggestions based off of experience. Depending on the specific look one is going for, as well as the colors used for the rest of the home, a sound decision is possible that makes most happy.

Navigating the bathroom

Even though the room is small, there are so many different details to a perfect paint job. That means working around appliances that either don’t move easily, or don’t move at all. It also means spending the extra time on small details that are easy to see when looking closely. Since the bathroom is small, it’s easier to see imperfections.

We make sure that every single inch of the bathroom is covered. If appliances need temporarily moved, we take that time to do it. Shortcuts are not in our vocabulary.

Handling Bathroom Intricacies

Painting a bathroom is different than any other room. Not only are the color schemes different and the room is generally smaller, but proper materials are necessary for everything to hold up in the long run.

painting a bathroom wall

Bathrooms go through significant temperature changes throughout the day. The humid air from a bath or shower can take a toll on certain paints. We take the time to make sure that all the hard work put into the bathroom looking great will last for years to come.

If any ventilation issues must be addressed, we take the time to inform customers before moving forward. Trust us, handling that before spending money on paint is the right move.

Fitting in a Bathroom Painting Project

Eager to get started? Bathroom projects are easy for us to fit in due to the small amount of area covered. To schedule a consultation, or to simply get an estimate, use the form at the top of the page to get started.

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