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Exterior Painting

Brand new exterior paint can quickly change the initial impression of any building. From homes to businesses, we at Painter Pros love working with people to make a huge impact on our services.

In a competitive market, there are options in Athens GA and surrounding areas. We feel as though what we do makes us stand out in a crowd.

Paint built to last

The last thing anyone wants forced to do is to spend money on frequent exterior painting. When we get calls from people considering Painter Pros, they are expecting not to give us a call back to do the same job any time soon.

painting outside of house

We use industry-leading paint and materials to hold up against the harsh weather we experience 12 months out of the year in the Athens, Georgia area. Whether it be the heat and humidity of the summer, or the occasional snow and ice in the winter, all of our exterior paint holds up and remains vibrant.

The paint and material used makes a difference, but so does proper preparation before even beginning. Painting the exterior is not just putting a new coat over the existing siding. Our house painter takes the time to scrape previous paint off, sand parts down and essentially start from scratch.

By taking these essential steps, it allows for our hard work to last longer. It also removes the chances of inconsistencies that stick out when everything wraps up.

Experience matters

We understand that for most customers, they want exterior paint work done well, and quickly. To do a quality job in a certain amount of time, experience and knowledge in the industry makes a difference.

Everyone on staff at Painter Pros Athens GA has years of experience painting homes, businesses, and other projects. No matter how unique the exterior might be, we can handle things. Decades of experience are on staff and ready to go to meet deadlines, while also providing quality work.

Our guarantee

We firmly stand by all of the materials used on an exterior project, and the labor to get the job done. That’s why we offer one of the best warranties on the market, providing two years on all labor, and five years on the material.

final touches on exterior painting

At any time, a customer can make a claim if the exterior needs any fixes. Although we take as much care as possible to ensure that nothing goes wrong, some issues pop up from time to time. We handle every warranty claim very seriously, making it a top priority to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Helping with the little things

It’s common for people to approach us and not know that much about the next step in getting their exterior painted. They only know that their current look is starting to show age. We make sure to talk through the entire process before starting with anything. That way, customers can visualize the end result, and never feel like they are getting into something they do not want.

To set up an initial plan, plus talk about an estimate on work done, feel free to schedule a consultation on the homepage of our website. We make sure to provide quick, swift answers so people can start moving forward with a project.


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