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Before hiring a house painter for any project, it’s important to have some plan in place. It might seem like a relatively straightforward job, but the difference between average and great painting can make a home look vastly different. At Painter Pros, we understand that few things are as important to homeowners as to how sharp their home looks. A lot of that starts with the paint.

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Why is it so important to go with a company that has years of experience? We pride ourselves in knowing what works and what doesn’t in the Athens GA area. It’s crucial for every house painter, especially in warm and humid climates, to understand the right paint to use for the exterior. Inside is just as important, as a major selling point for any quality paint job is to have lasting power.

How can we make dreams become a reality? Here are just a few things we help with simply by adding a fresh coat of paint.

Increased property value

A full exterior paint job done the right way can have an immediate impact on property value. Even if a person does not have the intention of selling in the immediate future, it’s still going to give the property a boost.

A home that has any paint fading or even peeling away will take a hit, no matter how great it looks inside. That first impression is a huge game-changer, as some people won’t even look at a home if it doesn’t look great initially.

Interior house painting helps as well, as it makes the place look a lot more like a finished product instead of something that needs work. If the goal is to sell shortly after, adding new paint is usually a sound investment.

Making a home your own

To differentiate from the cookie-cutter set up of some neighborhoods, adding a little bit of personalized touch to the exterior is a perfect way to go. Some homeowners are surprised by just how little they need to spend to get professional assistance in switching up the look ever so slightly.

We offer several unique packages so that people don’t have to pay too much for something that they don’t need. If only a few accent pieces need painting, we handle that without an issue. The same goes for the interior, as there might only be a room or two that needs special attention. Adding paint can act as the finishing touch to make a home truly special. We also have a bathroom painter on hand for your specialized interior job.

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Added protection

Most view paint as just an added layer to the home, but people overlook that paint offers a level of protection that mostly goes unnoticed. That’s because as long as it is consistently applied, it does its job without an issue.

Anything made of wood is especially vulnerable to the weather, as well as bugs. Exposed wood on the home is major trouble. Rain can warp wood in a hurry, while constant sun exposure can dry things out.

Wood exposed to bugs also makes it very easy for them to cause damage. Termites are particularly a problem, frustrating homeowners once they have even a small issue with them. By keeping the wood sealed off, paint does more than improve looks.

Our paint is strong enough to add a layer of protection, and also stay true to the original color for a long time. Interior paint always lasts longer, but that added layer matters.

Starting a new house painting project

The best way to start a new house painting project is to talk to us and run through a few ideas. We offer free estimates as well as consultations, so people can start to ballpark just how much money they will need to spend. We offer some great deals on package painting projects, as well as itemized options for smaller needs.

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